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Tips on how to create your own virtual tour

Creating a virtual tour isn't a technical endeavor, but it does take some time to set up the software and create the marketing site. The actual creation of the virtual tour takes very little time.

The virtual tour software needed depends on the type of desktop environment you're using. If you're using Windows you'll need software such as Camtasia or SnagIt, or if you plan on doing an entire walkthrough by yourself then another program is required.

When it comes to creating a virtual tour, there are several stages to follow.

First, you need to decide what structure you want your tour to follow, whether that's going from one location to the next or using a different plan.

Once you've figured out the plan for your tour, you'll need to record your computer screen as an image while walking through the tour. Most of this can be done using Camtasia though there may be some manual editing involved in stitching together the images into one video.

For those planning on creating a virtual tour for their real estate services, you'll require high-quality images in order to make your tour look professional. If you're looking to impress potential clients, it's far better to invest in a tripod and a high-quality camera than using your phone or webcam. As long as you have images that are of quality and can be zoomed in on, it doesn't matter what sort of camera is used.


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